[About SIKERY®]

SIKERY belongs to Shengkerui (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., SIKERY networking environment monitoringPerimeter alarmproducts, set the wind  temperature and humidity  gas  rainwater  sound  sensing multiple sensor monitoring,more intelligent, more humane, more stable, improve the protection of key units, the products include: electric fence, electrostatic induction cable, cable leakage alarm system, vibration sensor cable cable vibration alarm, alarm system, pressure alarm system tension, electronic fence system.

Extensive business

Build domestic perimeter security, adhere to 12 years, 130000+ users consistent choice, business coverage of the world.

Focus on Security

Set up domestic and foreign resources, based on the domestic market, and strive to be the industry's first batch of equipment suppliers and system integration solutions provider.

One stop service

Pre sale program design, sales consulting, shopping guide, after-sale technical services to provide "one-stop service", to ensure that the customer 100% satisfaction.

[ SIKERY®advantages ]


Set wind, temperature, humidity, gas, rain, sound and other sensor monitoring, more intelligent, more humane.


A variety of data connection ports, compatible with other integration platform, to achieve data docking, to achieve system linkage.


detector is capable of resisting all kinds of interference and refusing to report false positives.


Portable installation can greatly reduce construction costs and time, reduce costs.


long service life, stability is extremely strong.


It is not suitable for any environment because of the limitation of perimeter medium, shape and environment.

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